IAM Encounter 2010 conference

IAM Encounter Conference

ENCOUNTER 10 is International Arts Movement’s annual gathering of artists and creative catalysts to wrestle with the deep questions of art, faith and humanity, to inspire the creative community to engage with the culture that is, and to create the world that ought to be.

Where: The Great Hall and Cooper Union in New York City’s Greenwich Village

When: March 4-6, 2010

Who: Artists, thinkers, patrons, singers, dancers, pastors, skeptics, musicians, business leaders, lawyers, students, professionals, novices, creative catalysts… humanity.

What: One brisk weekend in New York City to gather and wrestle with the deep questions that face culture; to be inspired by performances, lectures, and workshops; to engage, break down barriers and make connections; to discover new opportunities to create; to be challenged; to be affirmed; to ENCOUNTER.

Why: A world that ought to be is in our midst; a world filled with truth, goodness and beauty; a world inhabited by diverse and vibrant cultures from which, like deep rooted springs that converge into a river bringing life everywhere it flows, emanate hope, peace, love and call all people to truly be human.

How Much: Regular Price – $219 | Student Price – $119

Group Discount: Organized groups of 5 or more are eligible to receive $20 off the appropriate registration price.

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